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Here you can find details of the various services offered by Clipat Steel.
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Steel Supply
Clipat Steel offers a wide array of steel products available for purchase. Click here to view our complete listing and get a quick quote.
View: Steel Supply
Builders Beams
A full range of builders beams are available including Universal Beams, Universal Columns and RHS Posts.
View: Builders Beams
Workshop Fabrication
Send us your architectural drawings or specifications for professional, high quality, workshop-grade, steel fabrication.
View: Workshop Fabrication
Delivery / Crane Truck
For delivery of all bulky and heavy items, our crane truck and driver are available for hire. Click for more details!
View: Delivery
On-site Welding
From spot welding to structural repair, Clipat offers comprehensive on-site welding services, completed at your site and to the highest quality.
View: Welding

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